Cumulative Update 15 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 47671).

Cumulative update 15 released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016 .You can download from Here


Before you install a cumulative update in a production environment, take the following precautions:

  1. Test the cumulative update in a non-production environment.
  2. Make a backup of the system or computer where the cumulative update is to be installed

Platform hotfixes

ID Title
380748 The OnQueryClosePage trigger and the OnClosePage trigger are not called when you run the page modally.
381423 An error is displayed and the page is closed when you use the SETVIEW() statement to sort a text field that has the same caption as a BLOB field.
381476 Odd caption is displayed on pages when you run the client from a role center.
381525 CaptionClass values are truncated on a CardPart page.
381559 Nested grid layout on a subpage breaks Word export.
381778 Third option is not available through the keyboard.
381805 The Multi Line function stops working when you copy lines.
381835 NEXT(-1) does not move the cursor.
381863 The client crashes if you add links or notes to a table that contains the “&” sign.
381877 Windows client crashes in combination of the FILTERGROUP action and the NEW action when you invoke a RUNMODAL page with multi lines and Autosplitkey.
381893 The Send to Excel function generates a blank page if you have Excel add-ins installed.
381919 It is possible to add data into a record that is read only.
382000 “An attempt was made to change an old version of a Customer record” error message when you use the Combine Customer/Vendor report in the Russian version.
382038 Random errors for .Net Interop if the .Net add-in is updated.
382103 “The User Setup does not exists. Identification fields and values” if you try to rename a user which has user setup in multiple companies.
382284 CRM Table 5330 compilation depends on Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.dll being in the Addin folder for the RTC.

Application hotfixes

ID Title Functional area Changed objects
381885 There are some problems with the comments in workflows for document approvals. Administration COD 1535 PAG 654
382272 The Create Missing Codes field is empty after you import a configuration package. Administration COD 8614
381659 You are allowed to rename a bank account reconciliation after you create a new one from an existing one. Cash Management TAB 273
381986 Refreshing the Excel add-in takes a full Windows license while the Print or Send operation initially takes a background session. Client None
381917 The Index Capacity Ledger Entry No. value of the Value Entry table must have the MaintainSIFTIndex property enabled which improves performance in the Adjust Cost – item entries batch job. Costing TAB 5802
382120 Cost adjustment recognizes consumption and capacity costs of the assembly order in ACY as variance in ACY. Costing TAB 5896
381714 Report Selections do not work from customer lists with a small role center. Finance PAG 1300 PAG 1301
382074 The Pmt. Disc. Amount and the Balance fields show incorrect values on the Apply Customer Entries page if not all entries are applied. Finance PAG 232 PAG 233
382285 Deferrals don’t work correctly with batch posting. Finance REP 296 REP 297 REP 298 REP 496 REP 497 REP 498 TAB 36 TAB 38
381639 The Item Age Composition – Value report does not demonstrate correct value per period for the average cost item. Inventory REP 5808
381739 Division error when you copy job planning lines. Jobs COD1006.txt
381891 “The Job Planning Line already exists” error message if you try to copy job planning lines from one job task line to another that already have job planning lines. Jobs COD 1006
382032 The application does not respond if you try to copy job-planning lines from a job task line to the same job task line. Jobs COD 1006
382281 The unit cost in job ledger entries is incorrect when you post a purchase order with job option and alternate unit of measure. Jobs COD 1004
381449 “The Production BOM Line already exists. Identification fields and values: Production BOM No.=X,Version Code=Y,Line No.=Z” error message when you run an Exchange production BOM item. Manufacturing REP 99001043
382090 “The VAT Posting Setup does not exist. Identification fields and values: VAT Bus. Posting Group=’EU’,VAT Prod. Posting Group= ” error message interrupts the Carry Out Action message on the Subcontracting Worksheet page and creates purchase orders without lines. Manufacturing COD 333
382282 “The following C/AL functions are limited during write transactions because one or more tables will be locked. Form.RunModal is not allowed in write transactions …” error message when you change ending date in the assembly order. Manufacturing TAB 900
381620 Code limits the use of limited user licenses. Marketing TAB 5050
381660 The contact classification does not work correctly when classification method is Percentage of Value. Marketing REP 5199
381237 When you print a special order from the carry out action message on the Requisition Worksheet page, only one out of two purchase order for the same vendor is printed because of different purchasing codes. Purchase COD 333 REP 493
381655 When you print a special order from the carry out action message on the Requisition Worksheet page, only one out of two purchase order for the same vendor is printed because of different purchasing codes. Purchase COD 333 REP 493
382079 Applies to invoices are printed twice on the Purchase Credit Memo page. Purchase REP 407
382251 Direct Unit Cost Excl. VAT value is not validated from purchase prices when you enter a new purchase quote line. Purchase TAB 38
381545 “You cannot delete the order line because it is associated with purchase order X line Y” error message when you delete a fully invoiced sales order with special order link. Sales TAB 37
381656 The Current Unit Price field is set to 0 when you run the Suggest Item Price on Wksh function on the Sales Price Worksheet page. Sales REP 7051
381712 The Copy Document function does not copy the ship to address if used for credit memos. Sales COD 6620
382057 The sales line discount and the sales price are lost after a customer is renamed. Sales TAB 7002 TAB 7004
382063 Lines are missing in the Get Posted Doc. Lines to Reverse report. Sales PAG 5854 PAG 5859
382083 Unexpected move of the extended text when you explode a BOM on a sales order that has the extended text. Sales COD 63 COD 73
382212 Posting dates from the sales and assemble orders are different when you post sales orders with the Batch Post Sales Orders report. Sales COD 80 TAB 36
382250 A Starting Date set in a production BOM component line prevents the Component to be considered in the Order Promising functionality. Sales COD 99000809
382275 Invoice No. value is displayed multiple times if you use the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse function. Sales COD 6620
381932 “The user process has terminated unexpectedly. Check the Windows Event Viewer for more information” error message when you try to run a job. Server COD 448
381591 Item ledger entries are created while warehouse entries do not when you post an inventory pick, bin content does not exist and analysis view is updated when you post it. Warehouse COD 410 COD 7150
381763 The Qty. Allocated value in warehouse from the Reservation page does not account for quantities you previously pick. Warehouse COD 7314 COD 99000845
381806 “The quantity that you are trying to invoice is larger than the quantity in the item ledger with the entry number X” error message when you post a sales invoice for an alternate unit of measure. Warehouse TAB 111
381865 Item description 2 is displayed on the assembly order line of a resource type. Warehouse COD 905
381943 You are allowed to change a bin mandatory location to directed put away and pick location when transfer orders are shipped and in In-Transit, and then there is no way for the user to receive the transfer order. Warehouse COD 5773 TAB 14
381994 When you process an undo shipment in a directed put-away and pick location seems to generate inconsistent warehouse entries for the undo shipment entries if multiple units of measure are involved. Warehouse cod7320
382051 Blank page is printed when a Put-Away list is printed with a filter and it printed as the PDF format. Warehouse rep 5751
382340 ILE is created on the bin transfer by using an item reclass journal. Warehouse Management COD 22 COD 23
382345 The Quantity (Base) is not set to 0 if the Bin Content Quantity value is set to 0. Warehouse Management COD 7301

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