Cumulative Update Released summary

NAV 2017 CU01 :- You can download the cumulative update from KB 3209071 – Cumulative Update 01 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 (Build 14199).

NAV 2016 CU14:- You can download the cumulative update from KB 3209072 – Cumulative Update 14 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 47444)

NAV 2015 CU26 :- You can download the cumulative update from KB 3209073  – Cumulative Update 26 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (Build 47438).

NAV2013 R2 CU38 :- You can download the cumulative update from KB 3209074  – Cumulative Update 38 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (Build 47442).

NAV2013 CU 45 :- You can download the cumulative update from KB 3209075  – Cumulative Update 45 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (Build 47432).


Before you install a cumulative update in a production environment, take the following precautions:

  1. Test the cumulative update in a non-production environment.
  2. Make a backup of the system or computer where the cumulative update is to be installed

Author: Ammolh Saallvi

I'm a Dynamics NAV/Navision developer and helps partners and end-users with their NAV implementations. I do everything from third-party management advisory, training to new NAV teams, project management, training, setup and development. Do you want to hire me to help getting your project a success? Then contact me via dropping one email from linkedin Expertise in end-to-end development of software products from requirement analysis to System Study, Documentation and Testing. Demonstrated abilities in analyzing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions, troubleshooting for complex information systems management. Deft at carrying out risk analysis, impact analysis, project reviews and documentation. Strong Problem solving & Technical skills coupled with confident decision making for enabling effective solutions leading to high customer satisfaction as well as low operational costs. Certifications:- Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist -Dynamics Microsoft Sure Step Certified Professional Moderator at DUG Forum Specialties: • ERP Implementation • Client/Server Programming • Coding, Testing, troubleshooting and documentation. • Database Tuning and SQL • Database Performance • Debugging large programs • Project Management and Resource Management.

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