Developer Preview-NAV

During Directions in September MS announced that they will released developer tool preview ,new generation tool to develop extension for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365  .Now some of information is available about this.

  • End of December Azure Gallery Image will be available which will contain product and tools.
  • This will called as Extension 2.0 as it is new versions of extensions which is not based on DELTA files
  • Easier development of extensions with this tool.
  • With Extensions 2.0, you code and write new objects that describe the additional capabilities you want in the system. You’ll use Table Extension and Page Extension objects to describe new fields and UI elements, and you’ll use the in-client page designer to make those changes in a WYSIWIG way – all of which are stored as extensions under the cover.

Preview for what ????

  • The preview is for you to play with and test – don’t expect to write production code with it and don’t use it in production.
  • Don’t try to write XMLPorts, Queries, Menusuites, or Reports – those aren’t implemented yet. You can run existing ones, but you can’t write new ones.
  • Don’t try to take your existing solution and convert it – there are unfinished features and you’ll probably be more frustrated than anything that the code doesn’t work.
  • Don’t try to use .NET Interop, it’s been disabled for the moment while we work on a more secure way to offer this functionality.
  • Do try out the in-client page designer – look for a little design icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Do write new code using the new object types – Table Extensions and Page Extensions
  • Do notice that not all procedures in the application will be available to call. We have blocked access to procedures which may run unsafe .NET or insecure methods.
  • Do write event/subscriber solutions – follow the existing guidelines on building extensions for the general design principles.
  • Do try the sample code we’ve published to get familiar with the syntax.

Rebuilding the development tools will be long term investment and MS team is working hard to get everything on new development tools .MS Team is working on page designer for adding actions,properties and building pages. In Visual studio code adding support for XMLPORT,Queries and reports. Building functionality to allow access to .NET type which will call Web Services and many more things….

Stay tuned for more updates




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