Microsoft Dynamics 365

Yesterday I was attending Microsoft Dynamics Technical Blitz and found that what a amazing product Microsoft about to launch this fall.  This product means Microsoft is bridging two directions i.e. Business Process and Personal Productivity. This is integration between Business Process and email,word,excel,outlook .This will reduce flipping between the different apps.

Dynamics 365 is combination of ERP and CRM and this is built to have more flexibility and productivity among organization and individuals.

Dynamics 365 have

1) Common Model  :- Microsoft is using a common data model so that customization’s built for one company can be used at another without complication. This           increases repeatibility, lowers costs, and makes Microsoft an attractive option for those evaluating enterprise software.

2) Dynamics 365 in cloud :- This is not surprise and as its only in the cloud and this allows Microsoft to control the customization’s

There will be two editions on Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business edition Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition


Sales *

Marketing *

*Available Q2 CY 2017




Customer Service

Field Service

Project Service Automation


Many of these application ad services will be avaialbe in Microsoft App source

Still awaiting answer from yesterday forum that if we would like to customize the  How we will go about it ???TimeTime

We look forward to seeing what Microsoft has in store for Dynamics 365 as more details get released.


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