NAV 2017-C/AL Properties

In NAV 2017 some new C/AL properties has been introduced by looking at the user requirement . These properties are introduced to give user more flexibility over the UI and give more user friendly experience.

Application Area:-

This property set application areas that apply to the control and this property applies to

  • Page field, part, and action controls.
  • Report request page field controls.
  • MenuSuite items

This property used to hide the control in user interface .i.e. You need to tag the controls by specifying the text string with comma separated values Example If you want tag Vendor list in Menu Suite then you can mention #Basic,#Suite in applicationarea

Note :- This property is working based on the table 9178 application area setup .You can define more but still in future release it may be change again.



This property specially for touch interface devices like Phone client.

The property has the following values:

Value Description
None No gesture for the action.
LeftSwipe Swipe in from the right edge of the touch interface.
RightSwipe Swipe in from the left edge of the touch interface.

You typically use the Gesture property on list type pages for executing an action on items in a repeater control.

In Action Designer, you can use the Gesture column to view the Gesture property value for all page actions. If the Gesture column is not visible, then on the View menu, choose Show Column, and then select Gesture.

TestPermissions :-

Specifies a value that can be used to determine which permission sets are used on tests that are run by test codunits or test functions.

This property applies

  • To test codeunits that have subtype property set to Test
  • To Test functions are functions that have the FunctionType property set to Test.

    The property has the following values:

    • Disabled
    • Restrictive
    • NonRestrictive
    • InheritFromTestCodunit


This property specifies whether actions to be displayed on HOME tab of ribbon and not on the tab where it is defined.

You can set either Yes or No in this property . Default value is No

This property in not relevant on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Phone client because only promoted actions are displayed on these clients.




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