NAV Client Development

Recently I was exploring Web Client of NAV 2016  (One of nice client of NAV) and found that lot of things got disturbed when view the custom pages on web client (I was under impression that everything will show correct on web pages automatically).Of  course I read the limitations of NAV but I was not aware that it will hamper so much on custom pages where we are  switching controls  based on the condition/process i.e show/hide the controls.

But now what to do this is not working as per windows client  Sad

Am I need to do fresh development for web pages ??? Oh this will kill the time and more on investment.

By searching I come across some new functions defined by NAV and I was like Big SmileBig Smile

They come up with something like DEFAULTCLIENTTYPE,CURRENTCLIENTTYPE functions

Using these function one can write the different code for different client like Windows,Web,Tablet,Mobile

How Do I use:

Defaulclienttype :- This functions always return the value ‘Windows’ even after viewing on other client of NAV

CURRENTCLIENTTYPE :- This functions return the NAV client type that is running in current session. As well as one can use this function to GetURL of the current client

One can written the different program for web client and windows client.

You can write something like

    <Your program goes here>

To Get URL
You can write


Using this functions could manage some of functionalities to view on the web client but still some resistance (due to limitations of web client) is there.

If the page contains any actions button switch off/on based on some process and one has return program using visibility property of page  then it will not refresh automatically one Need to press ‘F5’ whenever the page need to refresh. Surprise

Hope in coming future Microsoft will come up with some features which will enable everybody to use web client just like windows client (RTC)

Looking forward for NAV 2017 Web Client.



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