Report Selections -NAV 2017

To communicate the contents of business documents quickly to your  customers, you can use the Report Layout feature to define document-specific content that gets inserted in email bodies automatically. Regarding sending email from pages I wrote earlier in my blog Send Document. Now in NAV 2017 this feature is extended more to give more feasibility to users.

You can email practically all document types as attachments to email messages directly from the window that shows the document. In addition to the attachment, you can set up document-specific email bodies with core information from the document preceded by standard text that greets the mail recipient and introduces the document in question.

In report selections window some more parameters added to add the report in body or as attachment when email send to customers or business partners.

*Use for email body :- Tick if report output need to insert in email body

*Use for email attachment :- Tick if report output to be saved in PDF and attached to email

*Email Body Layout Description:- Select the available layout from custom layout i.e You can select word layout also . If this field leaves blank means it will take                                                                 standard layout from report.


Once user select all this then after sending email to customer it looks like something what we except


If we not select email body layout in report selections then you will get output like this

You can edit this message in outlook before sending to customer/business partners.

From all supported documents, you initiate emailing by choosing the Send action, on posted documents, or the Post and Send action, on non-posted documents.

Stay tuned for more



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