Update for NAV development Tools (January)

By looking at overhelming response from entire NAV community,MS team is working constantly to improve the New NAV development tool. During this month lot of issues,bugs raised on github and based on that update released which will automatically applied on Azure Gallery.Code written from the December update is expected to work, however, please note that between versions code needs to be moved to the new VM and extensions must be recompiled and redeployed which will result in a data loss. Use http://aka.ms/navdeveloperpreview to create a version of the new image.

Updates in January

  • Fixed various bugs reported by the community in the in-client designer.
  • You can now reference Report and XMLPort objects from the base application. This gives you the ability to use these objects in the RunObject property, as well as, declare variables of the types Report and XMLPort, and call AL functions on them.
  • Improved IntelliSense for Pages and Tables. IntelliSense will offer keywords in Pages and Tables
  • IntelliSense for attributes 


Continue report your issues on https://github.com/microsoft/al/issues project.


Keep Testing



source :- https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2017/01/14/nav-development-tools-preview-january-update/


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