Business Central and Fonts on Reports

Today morning there was issue raised by my consultant stating that text on business central reports showing weird characters as below.

Though these reports was working well on On-Premise but after uploading to cloud it started showing those weird characters.

After checking report layout found that using the same fonts which is available on cloud version of business central but it still fails.

Why ? What could be the reason.

After checking found that customer created data in local language and to display those we need to have font which support those characters to show and I change the font on report and it showed correctly. (Surprisingly the font I used to show report data it worked properly and show data correctly and even it is not listed in the standard list .I think it depends on your country also)

On your own container you have leverage to install the font by using PowerShell command.

But for cloud please choose font wisely so it will not break your app.

Please see link for Available fonts on business central.

Hope this will help you.