How to change primary key in Business Central Table

Recently one of my customer asked me to add few more fields on primary key and I was looking at the customer like he asked something which is daunting task to be done with business central as everybody aware of that we can not change the primary key fields when table is already having data as while deploying the app it throws an error as below

Even I tried using Force sync also but it is still failing to deploy the app as this is breaking change for the app.

Now question is how to do this and overcome from such situation as your customer is behind you to do that.

To make it work we need to use ObsoleteState and ObsoleteReason that means we need to make your table obsolete and create a new table with new primary key and change the references in all those object where the object is referred.

To make the table obsolete mention the property as below.

Obsolete property value

NoNot obsolete. This is the normal/default setting.
PendingWill become obsolete in a future version.
RemovedHas been made obsolete.

After making above table obsolete created new table with the new primary key.

Next point is how to transfer data in the new table .

To transfer data from obsolete table to new table used Installed code unit . Additionally you can use temporary table to update data from old table to new table.

If you would like to learn more about ObsoleteState Property then visit here.

Hope this will help you.

Stay tuned for more updates.