Month: February 2017

Fetch Filename from Directory using DotNet Datatype-NAV 2017

During recent implementation got task to fetch the files from specified directory to import in tables using XMLPORT and I was using NAV 2017. Now in classic version we were able to use FILE and this virtual table was giving us the list of files in specified path by using required filters and we were … Continue reading Fetch Filename from Directory using DotNet Datatype-NAV 2017

February Update for NAV Development Tool

As the NAV development tool getting updated every day based on the issues reported on GitHub and MS team is continuously updating the development tool Refer following link for update for this month  

Cumulative Update Summary-Feb 2017

Following is summary for cumulative update release in month of February The cumulative update is intended mainly for solutions that are experiencing the problems described in the Knowledge Base article linked to below. However, you are advised to always keep your solution updated with the latest cumulative update. If you are in doubt about whether this cumulative … Continue reading Cumulative Update Summary-Feb 2017

Microsoft MVP Award Update

Microsoft made significant changes in MVP award program and now it will be awarded every month . More information on following blog written by Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Developer eXperience & Evangelism (DX) group   Anyway I am still waiting for my first MVP award. 🙂    

Media Datatype-NAV2017

In this blog will try to explain how Media data type works in NAV2017 for uploading media,image. Media data type store media in system tables of the database and then reference the media from application records. Media datatype provided better performance than traditional BLOB datatype. With BLOB datatype ,media is rendered every time in the … Continue reading Media Datatype-NAV2017