How to extend TableRelation Property-Business Central

Last week somebody asked me on can we extend table relation property and my answer was yes we can achieve this by table extension.

Today we will see how we can do that

Firstly create enum extension and extend as follows . For this demo I used Type field from Sales line table.

enumextension 50145 PlaySaleDocType extends "Sales Line Type"
    value(8; Retail)
        Caption = 'Retail';

Secondly create a table extension and modify required table relation property.

tableextension 50146 PlaySalesTabRelExt extends "Sales Line"
            TableRelation = if (type = const(Retail)) Retail;


Hope this will help you.

Stay tuned for more update.

How to Create Unique Keys in AL Development/Business Central

Spring Release 2019 of business central comes up with new features for creating unique keys

Today we will see how to create unique keys in table

While creating second keys you can add an additional parameters said ‘Unique’. This will not allow duplicate values in the field where unique parameter is mentioned.

Now we will see this validation works on business central. Here we are trying put same description which is throwing error because of unique key.

You can define multiple unique keys in one table.

Points to Remember

  • Field can have empty value that means empty value is also value.
  • Not supported in table extensions.

Hope this will help you ..