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What’s New -MS Dynamics 365 Business central

As you all aware that Microsoft announced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central at Directions Asia. Lets see what's new in newly announced product... First of all it looks great when you open and nicely arranged information on role center. Headlines  This feature added to top of role center Great for describing trends, greetings.. Maximum 75 … Continue reading What’s New -MS Dynamics 365 Business central

Dynamics 365 for operations-Warehouse

Dynamics 365 for operations-warehousing has been made available on windows store and google play store. The Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing app includes the following features to boost productivity: A tailored interface designed for fast warehouse scanning Supports over 40 different warehouse processes Custom built on-screen numeric keypad for you to hit numbers easily … Continue reading Dynamics 365 for operations-Warehouse