How to modify table data in business central

This week one of the customer post few transaction and found that one of the field user enter some wrong information. In ideal situation user need to reverse the transaction and post correct transaction which is safest approach.

But do you remember those old days where we have access to the table and can modify the data but with business central this ability no more available . I just build one small extension to modify the data in the table where in we can modify the posted data .

Important: It is not recommended to change data in the tables directly as it will cause inconsistency in database and make database vulnerable.

Just check following video to check small amount of work I did.

Additionally I found blog from Volodymyr Dvernytskyi for Data Editor .Please have a look into it.

Let me know your feedback.


How to View Table data in Business Central

While working in C/AL we have leverage to see the table data from object designer itself but how we can view it from business central.

There are different ways like we can mention the table in launch.json or we can construct the string in web browser to display the details.

Following small video will help you to view from web client itself.

Hope this will help you all..

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