NAV 2017 CU2.1 Avaialbe for Download


Two days ago I posted Personal Link to download the NAV2017 CU2 which I downloaded before MS pull off from official link.

Now MS published the official link to download NAV2017 CU2.

You can download from following link



NAV2017 CU2 Download Link


At the moment Microsoft dynamics Navision download link temporarily unavailable due to migration and updating the contents.

For my friends here is download link of NAV2017 CU2 for W1 version to download.

NAV2017 Cumulative Update 2

Happy downloading





Page Extension -Tenerife Visual Studio Code

In previous post Table Extension we saw how to extend table using Tenerife (New NAV development tool) .In this blog post we will see how to extend Pages using visual studio code.

The page objects extends a dynamics NAV page object .This will used for add or overrides the functionality.The structure of page is divided into three parts

  1. First part contains metadata for the entire page
  2. Second part describes visual parts on page
  3. Final Part describes action published on page

In visual studio typing tpageext will create the basic layout for page object when using AL extension in Visual Studio code.

 How to Write Code 

For example if you would like to add the custom field and Action button then you can wrtie code as follows.


pageextension 70000030 VendorCardExtension extends "Vendor Card"
 field("Credit Days"; CreditDays)
 CaptionML = ENU='CreditDays';

 trigger OnValidate();
 if CreditDays < 0 then
 Error('Credit Days Can not be blank');


 trigger OnAction();
 Message('Action Button is operating');


Keep Learning and Stay tuned for more updates…


Create Table Extension with Tenerife-Visual Studio Code

At the moment Microsoft development tool is still evolving and getting updated day by day.

In this blog post we will see how how to create Table extension object.

The table extension allows you to add more fields or change properties on a table. Along with defining other fields,the table extension is where you can write trigger code for additional fields.

In visual studio code by typing ttableext will create basic layout for table extension object when using AL extension in Visual Studio code.

Following properties can be changed for table

  1. Width
  2. OptioncaptionML
  3. Description
  4. ClosingDates

How to Write Code 

For example now if you would like to add one field in table and write some validation on that field then you can write as follows. In this I am adding field in Table 23 Vendor as Credit Days with datatype Integer.

tableextension 70000030 CreditDays extends Vendor
trigger OnValidate();
if (rec.CreditDays < 0) then
message('Credit Days can not be blank');

Stay tuned for more and Keep updating and learning .


Dynamics 365 for operations-Warehouse

Dynamics 365 for operations-warehousing has been made available on windows store and google play store.

The Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing app includes the following features to boost productivity:

  • A tailored interface designed for fast warehouse scanning
  • Supports over 40 different warehouse processes
  • Custom built on-screen numeric keypad for you to hit numbers easily
  • A simple calculator for you to enter and calculate quantities in a breeze
  • Possibility to adjust font size and width of input fields on any device

For more information you can have look at following link

Dimension Update in NAV 2016

Everybody aware of how NAV structured the dimension and how it works during transaction posting. Its basically creates Dimension SET based on the unique combination of dimension values and assigns one unique Dimension SET ID. This change was done to preserve the Database space and improve the performance.

Now during one of the recent implementation customer swap the ledgers in chart of accounts which result in change the posted transactions and that was so easy as we have to just change the chart of accounts ledger account no but real problem started when we have to change the Dimension data also for these transactions. This was not just straightforward to go in table and update the dimensions or swap the dimensions according to ledger account as it stored the Dimension SET ID in each posted table and based on that one can view the dimension.

Update Dimension SET ID is one of the challenging task as based on the combination as I already update the dimension field using dimension values associated with the ledger accounts but now it is not displaying or showing me weird result but WHY ???


It is because we have updated the dimension values but not the unique Dimension SET ID in the table which determines the combination of dimension values.

So now to update these dimension SET ID we have to first find the unique set id based on the combination.

AM I need to write big program to find the actual combination ???? and I was thinking HOW NAV IS Doing this and I found my Answer

Big Smile

Big Smile

HOW TO FIND Dimension SET ID ????

Application already have one code unit ‘DimensionManagement’

In this codeunit One Global function written to find dimension set id i.e. GetDimensionSetID.

This function contain only one line of code and one parameter which is record variable i.e. Dimension Set Entry table

We have do following to find the combination of dimension using this function

  • Define One record variable for Dimension SET Entry Table and set property Temporary to Yes
  • Insert the required combination of dimension values into this table
  • While inserting record SET dimension SET ID to some other values such as negative value . I user -1 value for safer side.
  • Once the record inserted in table pass the table in function to get Dimension SET ID.

This gives you correct dimension set id based on the combination available and advantage is that it will assign the Dimension SET ID if any combination changes or not available in dimension table.

Don’t forget to make the table property temporary to Yes or else it will insert real time data in table and this may create mess in dimensions.


Cumulative Update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 (Build 14767)

This cumulative update includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, including hotfixes and regulatory features that were released in previous cumulative updates.


We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates being installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customization’s and third-party products that work with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

You Can download from following link


Platform hotfixes

ID Title
381475 Odd caption is displayed on pages when you run the client from a role center.
381482 An error is displayed and the page is closed when you use the SETVIEW() statement to sort a text field that has the same caption as a BLOB field.
381500 The OnQueryClosePage trigger and the OnClosePage trigger are not called when you run the page modally.
381536 CaptionClass values are truncated on a CardPart page.
381558 Nested grid layout on a subpage breaks Word export.
381664 “The control add-in on control Chart on page Customer Balance Chart xxx has not been instantiated” error message after you customize a factbox which uses the standard business chart add-in.
381665 A wrong dimension value is written to the Dimension field in a general journal.
381746 The Drill Down operation calls the Modify trigger.
381824 Third option is not available through the keyboard.
381838 The Multi Line function stops working when you copy lines.
381859 Workflow template conditions cannot be access when you use customer licenses.
381862 The client crashes if you add links or notes to a table that contains the “&” sign.
381878 It is not possible to add links in posted documents from the document cards page in the Windows client.
381884 Windows client crashes in combination of the FILTERGROUP action and the NEW action when you invoke a RUNMODAL page with multi lines and Autosplitkey.
381963 An error occurred while you upload the picture if company name contains certain characters.
382001 “An attempt was made to change an old version of a Customer record” error message when you use the Combine Customer/Vendor report in the Russian version.
382041 “Cannot access a disposed object” error message during the CRM integration.
382111 “The User Setup does not exists. Identification fields and values” if you try to rename a user which has user setup in multiple companies.
382287 CRM Table 5330 compilation depends on Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.dll being in the Addin folder for the RTC.
382288 Buttons coming from an add-in in a fact-box does not update pages.
382376 RTC crashes when a menu suite does not have a department assigned.

Application hotfixes

ID Title Functional area Changed objects
382385 The Invoice No. value is displayed multiple times if you use the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse function. Accounts Receivable COD 6620
382308 The Pmt. Disc. Amount and the Balance fields show incorrect values on the Apply Customer Entries page if not all entries are applied. Accounts Receivable PAG 232 PAG 233
381808 “The salesperson/purchaser user ID does not exist in the Approval User Setup window for Salespers./Purch. Code.” error message if you use a workflow configured for Approver and First Qualified Approver. Administration COD 1535
382233 The Create Approval Workflow function is not disabled on the List page. Administration N/A
382406 The Create Missing Codes field is empty after you import a configuration package. Administration COD 8614
381626 There are some problems with the comments in workflows for document approvals. Administration COD 1535 COD 5923 COD 80 COD 86 COD 90 COD 96 PAG 189 PAG 255 PAG 256 PAG 39 PAG 654 PAG 660 PAG 6630 PAG 6640 PAG 9103 PAG 9104 REP 291 REP 299 REP 491 REP 499 REP 5914 REP 6651 REP 6661 TAB 130 TAB 36 TAB 38
382035 There are some problems with the comments in workflows for document approvals. Administration COD 1535 PAG 654
382242 When you save a new item template, the item category code is not copied into the template. Administration N/A
382241 You can select a customer template that is disabled and the information from the template is applied when you create a new customer. Administration TAB 1300 TAB 1301 TAB 1303
382384 You are allowed to rename a bank account reconciliation after you create a new one from an existing one. Cash Management TAB 273
382317 Positive Pay file needs to show 2 decimal places. Cash Management COD 1711
381872 Sending mails from a job queue does not work. Client COD 5916
382315 Cost adjustment recognizes consumption and capacity costs of the assembly order in ACY as variance in ACY. Costing TAB 5896
381918 The Index Capacity Ledger Entry No. value of the Value Entry table must have the MaintainSIFTIndex property enabled which improves performance in the Adjust Cost – item entries batch job. Costing TAB 5802
382053 Report Selections do not work from customer lists with a small role center. Finance PAG 434 PAG 9301 PAG 9302 PAG 9309 COD 2
381856 The currency exchange rate of the Starting Date Field is always set to today when you use the currency exchange rate service. Finance COD 1203 COD 6224
381768 Unexpected warning message when you use the Preview Posting option in the Russian version Finance COD 80 COD 90
381669 Zero posting is not allowed in a recurring journal. Finance COD 11 COD 13 TAB 81
382249 Field changes are not kept on the Item Template page when you edit this from the item template list. Inventory TAB 1301
381935 It is possible to create an item with an empty number if you delete the content of the Item Nos. field on the Inventory Setup page. Inventory TAB 18 TAB 23 TAB 27
381707 Posting of a consumption entry in consumption journal can create a cyclical loop in cost application. Inventory COD 22
381983 “The Job Planning Line already exists” error message if you try to copy job planning lines from one job task line to another that already have job planning lines. Jobs COD 1006
381826 Division error when you copy job planning lines. Jobs COD1006.txt
382081 The application does not respond if you try to copy job-planning lines from a job task line to the same job task line. Jobs COD 1006
382283 “The following C/AL functions are limited during write transactions because one or more tables will be locked. Form.RunModal is not allowed in write transactions …” error message when you change ending date in the assembly order. Manufacturing TAB 900
381833 Item ledger entry is not created when you post an inventory put-away for a related production order output and routing journal was manually adjusted. Manufacturing COD 7324 COD 99000772
381762 The due date in planning worksheet does not relate to the demand due date when you run the Calc. Regenerative Plan function on the Planning Worksheet page. Manufacturing COD 99000854
381952 You must assign a lot number for items after you delete production journal lines. Manufacturing COD 22
382115 “Would you like to create an opportunity” error message if you close an interaction. Marketing COD 783 TAB 5077
381941 Code limits the use of limited user licenses. Marketing TAB 5050
382030 The contact classification does not work correctly when classification method is Percentage of Value. Marketing REP 5199
382367 Unexpected move of the extended text when you explode a BOM on a sales order that has the extended text. Orders COD 63 COD 73
382332 Extended text lines are transferred from a blanket order to an order even though the parent item line is not. Orders COD 87 COD 97
382382 Applies to invoices are printed twice on the Purchase Credit Memo page. Purchase REP 407
382359 The Send Approval Request function and the Cancel Approval Request function are displayed twice on the Purchase Quote page. Purchase N/A
381978 “You cannot delete the order line because it is associated with purchase order X line Y” error message when you delete a fully invoiced sales order with special order link. Sales TAB 37
381873 Behavior on how order promising lines are inserted in the physical table differs depending if this is run from the header or from the line. Sales PAG 99000959
382214 Bill-to customer is not validated in sales order header when you change this in the customer card and a new sales order is created from the customer card itself. Sales PAG 41 PAG 42 PAG 43 PAG 507
382356 Changed status in the Sales Order header is not synchronized with the Sales Line Detail factbox. Sales PAG 9087 PAG 9100 TAB 37 TAB 39
381982 The Current Unit Price field is set to 0 when you run the Suggest Item Price on Wksh function on the Sales Price Worksheet page. Sales REP 7051
382020 It is not possible to insert sales quote appropriately if these have been issued to a contact within NAV 2017 and contact has not still a customer associate. Sales N/A
382097 The Copy Document function does not copy the ship to address if used for credit memos. Sales COD 6620
382329 The Delete function of posted sales and purchase documents does not work as expected. Sales N/A
382257 The Doc No Occurrence field is incorrect on a sales order if you change the Sell-to-Customer No. field in the Sales Header table. Sales TAB 36 TAB 38
382244 The sales line discount and the sales price are lost after a customer is renamed. Sales TAB 7002 TAB 7004
381993 Translation for the BillToOptions and ShipToOptions fields in the sales documents are missing. Sales PAG 41 PAG 42 PAG 43 PAG 507
381901 Customer language is not considered when you use the Get Shipment Lines function to create a sales invoice. Sales COD 43 COD 6620 TAB 111 TAB 121
382040 General upgrade toolkit issues. Upgrade N/A
381770 “Directed Put-away and Pick must be equal to ‘No’ in Location: Code=WHITE. Current value is ‘Yes’.” error message when you create a new internal movement on a non WMS location. Warehouse TAB 7346
382110 “The quantity that you are trying to invoice is larger than the quantity in the item ledger with the entry number X” error message when you post a sales invoice for an alternate unit of measure. Warehouse TAB 111
381801 All the warehouse entries are clubbed to a single Item Journal line when you run the Calculate Whse. Adjustment function with filter on Lot Nos. Warehouse REP 7315
382325 Blank page is printed when a Put-Away list is printed with a filter and it printed as the PDF format. Warehouse rep 5751 REP 5751
381980 Item ledger entries are created while warehouse entries do not when you post an inventory pick, bin content does not exist and analysis view is updated when you post it. Warehouse COD 410 COD 7150
382262 When you process an undo shipment in a directed put-away and pick location seems to generate inconsistent warehouse entries for the undo shipment entries if multiple units of measure are involved. Warehouse cod7320
382076 The Qty. Allocated value in warehouse from the Reservation page does not account for quantities you previously pick. Warehouse COD 7314 COD 99000845
381944 You are allowed to change a bin mandatory location to directed put away and pick location when transfer orders are shipped and in In-Transit, and then there is no way for the user to receive the transfer order. Warehouse COD 5773 TAB 14

Cumulative Update 27 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Cumulative Update 27 includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

You can download the cumulative update from KB 3209073  – Cumulative Update 27 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (Build 47665).

Or you can download the cumulative update from the Microsoft Download Center.

You must convert the database if you are upgrading to this cumulative update from a cumulative update earlier than Cumulative Update 9 (build 41779). For more information, see Converting a Database in Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  1. Test the cumulative update in a non-production environment.
  2. Make a backup of the system or computer where the cumulative update is to be installed.

Cumulative Update 46 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Cumulative Update 46 includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

You can download the cumulative update from KB 3216196  – Cumulative Update 46 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (Build 47667).

Or you can download the cumulative update from the Microsoft Download Center.

Before you install a cumulative update in a production environment, take the following precautions:

  1. Test the cumulative update in a non-production environment.
  2. Make a backup of the system or computer where the cumulative update is to be installed.


Note: This download does unfortunately not include content for the additional folders extracted from the DVD. You will have to get the content from the DVD. This issue will be corrected for next month.