How to gain more control on setup while posting transaction in business central.

With the release of Business Central Wave 2 2021 aka BCV19 lot of new features has been added to make life easier of developer and/or customers.

One of the important areas in business central is posting group which connect different module with finance management and user can see required values in chart of account after posting the transaction in actual time.

Sometime it happens user or consultant forget to set up required accounts in general posting setup and it pops up the error when posting an transaction. If you are experienced consultant then you will catch that immediately and add the required setup but if you are end user or beginner then you may need to juggle around the find the correct setup.

With the new release of business central while posting an transaction if some setup are missing then you will get proper error messages stating that this particular setup is missing.

Lets see how it works in real world scenario.

Removed the Sales Account from Posting Setup as below

Try to post Sales Order.

After Posting it throws an meaningful error message .

If you look at the error message it give more insight for the missing setup

Error Description This shows proper error description as follows and inform user where is the problem

Context This provides information regarding transaction line and once you click on that it will navigate to required lines and from there you can view the document.

Source and Source Field Name This shows the source where in we need to correct the setup

Once you click on the source it will navigate to required setup page as below

Support URL This will navigate to Microsoft docs for more information

Error Call Stack .This will provide the information to developer to check from where this error pops up.

Hope this will help and keep user happy.

Stay tuned for more.


How to Post Transactions using Configuration Package in business central

Two days back one of the customer asked me is there any way that I can post sales transactions using configuration package and I said yes it is possible to do that by using processing rules in configuration package. Today’s blog post will explain how it is possible.

In this blog post we will see how we can post sales transaction using configuration package.

Step 1:- Create configuration package for table sales header and sales line.

Step 2 :- Select required fields in each table .

I select required fields as below in each table as below

Step 3 :- Set the parent table id against Sales Line Table

Step 4 :- Set up the processing rules.

Select table 36 and click on table –> Processing rules.

Step 5:- Set up Action and processing filters.

In Processing rules select desire action as below and set up processing filters.

I set filter for document type =order and set action as Ship



Step 6 :- Export the package in excel

Step 7 :- Add the required data in excel file

Step 8 :-Import the data back in package

Step 9 :- Apply the package

Step 10 :- Navigate to posted shipment to check the posted shipment.

That’s it so now we don’t need to write xmlport and code unit to import data and post.

Isn’t that cool ???

Stay tuned for more.