How to change Customer Name on Open Sales Order in business central

With the release business central Wave 1 2022 lot of new features has been added to improve the user interaction with application.

This feature is small improvements in business central which allows to changes the name of customer on open sales document. This change of name will be applicable for that document only. This change of name is controlled by setup on sales & receivables setup.

Lets see how this setup works now on sales order

  1. If this setup is not enabled on Sales & Receivable setup .Try to change name on sales order and it shows following message

This message states that if you trying to change the customer name then master not found the record then asking whether like to create new record or if you existing customer with new name then select that customer.

2. If this setup is enabled in Sales & Receivables setup. Try to change name on sales order.

Now it allows to change the name on sales order

Hope this will help

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What is planned for Business Central Wave 2 2022 release

As we are gearing up for new release of business central and already the buzz is started for new version . Here I will list few upcoming features which I am looking forward in new version.

In-Client Performance Profiler

Demo tool and demo data for manufacturing scenarios

Users can export report datasets to XML

Introduce copy link option in the Share menu

Guided tour that helps users find settings and personalization tools

Support for rich text in teaching tips and tours

New capabilities for financial reporting with account schedules

Use Excel to design layouts for reports

Permission set handling enhancements

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