How to clean up data in business central

With the release of Business Central Wave 2 2021 aka BCV19 lot of new features has been added to make life easier of developer and/or customers.

To keep database performance always high and size of database in control we need to remove some data from database as part of maintenance .but after removing the data what if user would like to review the data again.

In new version Microsoft comes up with new extension called Data Archive.

The main purpose of this extension whenever you delete the records it will archive the records. With this extension archive data will be stored in JSON format in the extension. Media field is created for the storage of JSNO format (Data Archive Media Field)

Lets See how it works in reality

The archive data is stored in Tenant Media table which is not considered while calculating database size. If user would like to revisit some data then you might need to query Azure Cosmos database or you can export data in excel.

Hopefully this will help.

Next blog we will look into how to use the archive functions in AL code.

Till then stay tuned for more updates.

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